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We put you in control without taking any of your data. We help you sync your personal and professional lives through an elegantly designed, transformative productivity tool. With cSuite you're the CEO of your life.


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Your world at the touch of your thumb. A productivity tool with an orbital interface so intuitive, it works like an extension of your thumb.

Rodrigo Coelho


Rodrigo Coelho is the Founder and CEO of cSuite, guiding the vision and team from the seed of an idea on a napkin to launching and growing the company.

His entire focus is on cSuite's customers and their experience with the product and the company. Rodrigo is also directing his time at recruiting a strong team of talented individuals to shepherd the vision to wide scale acceptance and to build a robust company culture that believes in the mission that personal privacy and data security are the rights that we all deserve to enjoy. Rodrigo is an entrepreneur and executive with over 15 years of experience including start-up, growth-stage, corporate development, strategy, fundraising, contract negotiations, partnerships, corporate finance, product development and team-building. He has a reputable track record of leadership success and entrepreneurial achievement including capital raises and a successful exit to a publicly traded entity. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from ASU's Barrett Honors College with a BSE in Industrial Engineering.

Van Rais


As Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer Van Rais' role at cSuite is centered around his unique user experience design philosophy in which he has incorporated into creating a clearly differentiated user experience and cSuite brand.

Van is a product and graphic designer with a keen sense for user experience, interactive design and understanding of human behaviors. Van's approach to design comes from his observations and curiosity of society and culture–and a desire to provoke interaction between seemingly distant worlds. His work visibly demonstrates his philosophy that UX is dimensional and is based on human scale. Prior to becoming a co-founder of SMITHRAIS NYC and cSuite, Van has held senior creative leadership positions at top New York agencies including Interbrand, Siegel+Gale, Lippincott, R/GA and AKQA.

Mike Wang


As Product Manager Mike Wang is responsible for producing the product road map and also assisting the cSuite team to reach goals with each iteration.

His product management efforts revolve around the belief that everything starts with a solid understanding of the end user and their needs–so that the focus remains on the quality of the product experience. Between planning sprints, converting user stories into features, or engage in technical discussions with developers, Mike does what it takes to keep the team on target. Prior to joining cSuite, Mike was the product manager of BunchCut, a startup focused on helping people collaborate and work with images. Mike graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Rutgers University.

George Slessman


Investor and Board Member. For two decades, George Slessman has been a technology visionary and leader.

He has founded, built and successfully exited multiple businesses in his career, creating over a billion USD in value. George's forte is disruption – inventing and synthesizing software, data and energy technologies in unique ways that have enabled the transformation of business and mission performance for over a thousand enterprises and organizations.

David Martin


As Co-Founder/Chief Marketing Officer, David Martin is thought leader in marketing and branding who has helped to shape the creation of the cSuite and guide its launch and ongoing marketing strategy.

In close collaboration with the leadership team, David will help define ongoing marketing, PR, social media and customer experience plans to build, nurture and secure a growing community of users. Prior to assuming his role at cSuite, David served as the North American CEO of Interbrand, Founder & President of Catalyst Branding and the U.S. Chairman of BrandCap. Over his 30 year career, he has served brand leaders in enterprise & consumer technology, professional services, financial services and sports. He is focused on innovation and is driven to help clients enhance their success by securitizing and growing existing customer relationships, driving new demand and commanding a premium in competitive markets.

Lucas Loureiro


As Co-Founder/Android Technical Lead Lucas Loureiro is responsible for designing cSuite's software architecture, collaborating with the product manager and creative design lead on various initiatives including feature implementation, estimation/planning and analyzing/assuring code quality.

Lucas's development efforts are centered around cSuite's core purpose, giving power back to the user, by enabling them to have full ownership of their data. Lucas has created a robust cSuite app that is both intuitive and flawless, while creating a user experience that enables users to be more productive in their lives with minimal effort. Prior to cSuite Lucas worked for Motorola Mobile for 5 years, initially developing for a proprietary CDMA platform and more recently on Android applications like the e-mail client and instant messenger. He was also the tech lead for 3 years of the android team at Verisoft.

Ramin Oskoui


As Marketing Director Ramin Oskoui develops and executes cSuite's user acquisition strategy, including PR, social, influencer partnerships and various other earned/non-earned marketing touch points.

The core focus of his branding and marketing initiatives at cSuite revolve around creating a human/personal connection with consumers while also demonstrating cSuite's high level of utility that people don't just want, but need, as it can enhance their daily lives and create experiences that have people asking how they ever lived without it. Prior to joining cSuite, Ramin has created and overseen highly successful marketing and user acquisition campaigns with Fortune 100 companies such as Disney and Google, with notable experience with brand development and growth marketing at early-stage tech startups. At cSuite, Ramin holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Clark University.

Eric Becker


Investor and Board Member. Eric Becker is the founder and fearless leader of Caretta and co-founder / advisor of Sterling Partners, a value-added growth private equity firm launched in 1983.

He was Senior Managing Director of Sterling and Co Chairman of Sterling's Operating Committee. Over 30+ years, he and his partners, started or acquired over 100 companies. Prior to founding Sterling, Eric and his partners started LifeCard International, a healthcare technology company that automated claims processinf and developed digital portable medical records. Eric attended the University of Chicago. Eric is Co-Chairman of Chicago Ideas Week, a member of WPO, CEO, and a past chapter chairman of YPO. He currently serves on the board of Karma for Cara, the Living Classrooms Foundation and cSuite Technologies.

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