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Email & Productivity App

cSuite is a seamlessly integrated productivity app for managing the various spheres of your complex digital life. With best in class email, contacts, calendar and personal cloud, you can manage your digital life all together or separately as you wish.


Seamlessly distinguishes or syncs your accounts and data in your personal and professional life, allowing you to flow easily from one to the other, all with the touch of your thumb.


Skip all the back-and-forth and eliminate distracting notifications–view, organize and manage emails, calendars, calls, and messages in one centralized stream.


Enhance your productivity with a complete suite of tools – email, calendar, stream, contacts, and docs.


Securely manage all of your email accounts and calendars in one app with cSuites deep integration (Gmail; Exchange; Office365; Yahoo; iCloud).


Manage and view your business and personal calendars in one stream or by separate 'Spheres'.


Seamlessly separate, organize and manage your contacts within personal or professional 'spheres'.


View, attach and send files from your favorite document storage services (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Evernote, and more).

Organization app

Your digital life is complex. Simplify with cSuite, an organization app featuring productivity tools which seamlessly integrate contact management, calendaring, secure email, and mobile cloud file storage.